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including manufacturing quality control

3 years experience of manufacturing management &4 years experience of quality control .Be familiar with the manufacturing process, including manufacturing quality control, supplier quality control, equipments management and product line management. Be familiar with process of importing new product. Be familiar
with process of investment on new equipments and new product lines.Diligent, sense of responsibility, positivly face difficulties,
strong ability of organization andChoosing Flowers By Season spirit of teamwork.Experienced in web applications, Ajax component development and tuning massive loading websites. Previously, Jeff was the CTO of Citiport, Beijing. He is now in charge of operations of Volx Shanghai Office and its R&D department in Shanghai. As well, he holds two open source projects: Google Translation Kit & Google Geo Kit on Codeplex . Besides software development, he is interested in Virtual Art, Economics and Yoga.Specialties
Web application development (ASP.NET C#, Java, CSS, Javascript, HTML), Technical Writer, Evangelist, Team Management Product Management/Project Management
• 5 years of project management experience
• 3 years of product management experience (mobile and server SW lifecycle/milestone management)
 Business Development
• Sufficient experience on business with operators(CMCC, CT, CU, CBC, Orange etc) ,OEMs (SE, Nokia, Samsung,Own Personalized Wedding Card Huawei) ,mobile internet companies (Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba etc) and TVs( CCTV-1, Beijing TV)A strong sense of responsibility coupled with a keen spirit for working as part of a team Best Wedding Venue. Eager and able to adapt to new situations and demands. Fuelled by challenges and possesses a ‘Zen-like’ attitude during crunch-times, deadlines and heavy workloads. Wedding Planning cleverjoe

Experiences in building

- 5 years of sales manager, 4 years as national sales manager (>50), 2 years as general manager(>25).
- Experiences in building, managing and leading a complex team with continuous growing competences not only to maintain wedding dress details andy existing business but also to develop new business territorywedding cakes lily.- Proved sales success in industrial products field, 240 million CNY in total.- Problem-solving and negotiation competence in all aspects of target achieving as well as acquiring external and internal resources.http://forums.guru3d.comA good team leader,honest;Self-motivated;Rich experiences in the job of sourcing,purchase,project management;Strong implementation of policy ;Familiar with law and excellent at EnglishSuccessful experiences in construction of two large factories and establishment of a sino-foreign hi-tech joint venture.• 10 years working experience in international company, 8 years quality assurance
• Oversea working experience. Worked at US R&D center for 6 months. Make personal customer test at Bouygues France,pretty Wedding Bouquet T-Mobile Dallas, T-Mobile Nurnberg, Vodafone Berlin…, demonstrate and introduce the product to customer
• Have strong personality, fast learn, able co-work with different teams in different countries and different culture.
• Proven to build excellent and strong team that make great contwo half of years-sales assistant experienceFamiliar Wedding Dresses With Modern Twistswith a wide range of English trainging courses
More than 5 years of teacing experience
Passionate about work and stay creative
Good sense of teamwork and responsibility

ExperienceSelf-Motivator and Team LeaderMinimum Chinese Language BarrierCurious

Excellent CommunicatorMNE Operation ExperienceSelf-Motivator and Team LeaderMinimum Chinese Language BarrierCurious Explorer2 years overseas education (two
bachelor’s degrees & one master’s degree).
Over 4 years communicating, coordinating and collaborating experiences with different background personnel teams across the world.
Drove and participated in several worldwide key projects for product launching & marketing activities, http://forums.runicgames.comand global supply chain business process management.
Very rich knowledge of IT trends and electronics/IT products, especially on personal computer and equipments area.
ProveSkills and StrengthsDelicate Wedding Favors
Software: Strong Microsoft Office Suite software skills (in particular Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Lotus Notes, Wedding Favor Ideas SAP, and working understanding of knowledge management systems and database management
Languages: Natural Chinese Mandarin Chinese speaker, professionally fluent in written and spoken business English, conversational level Dutch ability
Teamwork: A quick learner and a good team player with extensive experiences in working with cross functional, multi-cultural teams spread across the globe 1. Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering;
2. More than two years’ experience in Foxconn work as a Planner
3. Solid experience of SAP and Office Tools;
4. Be good at organizing and coordination;
5. Strong sense of business management;
6. Be used to work Wedding Favor Ideas under pressure and deadlines
7. Always do as a leader in the team work, also a good team player;
8. Excellent spoken and written English;
9. Self-motivation, strong sense of responsibility & team work spirit;Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas

Be familiar with the CH.P

1. be good at logical, e.g. is able to fullfil all surfaces of magic cube within two minutes with self-studying method.2. favour software development.
a. developped Chinese Go game by QBasic and Turbo-C 15 years ago. b. use VC/VB6 more than 10 years.
c. use VS2005/2008/2010, python, Java, Labview, Teststand 1 to 6 years.
3. Has the strong self-studying capabilty, is able to find the solution quickly if meet problems during software development. - Near 7 years' working experience of supply management in high volume manufacture industry, have near 300 times on site audit experience, Wedding Venues with strong skills of project management, supply chian system and procedure establishment, supplier sourcing Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas , assessment and negotiation, cost and finance analysis, supplier relation management, supplier performance improvement, etc.-Skilled in MS Office software, ERP.
- Comprehensive knowledge of ISO9001,VA/VE,ESI,Gantt Charts,RFI/RFQ,PPAP,SPC,PPM,etc.Two years experience in the QC laboratory . Know the basic theory.of chemistry analysis well. Be familiar with the theory ,structure, operation points and principles of chromatograph I can judge and maintain the common trouble of chromatograph. Able to operate Shimadzu LC-20A HPLC, GC2010 GC, Agilent 7890A GC, Waters2695 HPLC and PE IRand Bruker NIR. Be familiar with the CH.P. and USP. Familiar with the physical and chemical analysis techniques and the commonly used testing equipments.Contracted Professional Image Training Specialist with Wenzhou Maternity Hospital , ChinaOver 7 years front line aviation working experience Wedding Favor Ideaswith Emirates Airline based in DubaiOver 3 years Training & Development experience with Emirates Aviation based in DubaiHow to Choose Wedding Flowers
Over 5 years Brand Development experience with British American Tobacco and The Body Shop based in Malaysia

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also a good team player

-17 years working experience from multi-domain: Industrialization, Operation, R&D
-High accountability,leadership,Self-motivated
-Rich project experience,7years from NPI(New Product Introdution)&Offer Creation segment
-Team management experience
-Multi-industry Experience:Automationnfl football jerseys,Telcommunication, MobilePhone,Measuring instrument
Career Objective:cheap nfl jerseys
1.Become a valuable person in either R&D or NPI of Operation with my unique competency and experienece of Project management,nike tnpeople management
2.Working for the environment generating passion,growth,respect,team spirit
3.Working for the place that employer benifiting from my value. Correspondingly,being recognized-Strong interpersonal & Communication skills;
-Set stretch goals, self-motivated, and measure right thing to ensure success and meet objectives;
-Ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams & effectively lead to significant results;
-Demonstrate process troubleshooting skills;Chaussure TN Nike
-Customer focused, quick response and creative solutions.
-Workjerseys monster independently under great pressure, also a good team player.
-Familiar with lean knowledge and production layout planning; software life
I like it

An efficient team worker

Three-year experience of marketing and sales. Rich experience in Strategic Planning & customer development analysis, market & regional & industry investigations, competitor survey.Fluent in spoken & written English.
Career Objective:chaussures tn
A position as marketing and sales manager which will benefit from my rich experience of marketing and sales management.Strengths
• Culture:
Experienced and successful working with people from multiple cultures. Flexible and adaptable. An efficient team worker, detail oriented. Patient, creative, and a good listener
• Computer:tn requin
Proficient Microsoft Office user (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access)
Knowledge of Dreamweaver CS3, SPSS, Project, Visio and General Ledger
• Language:
Native Chaussure NikeChinese speaking, fluent in English, tn chaussurebasic knowledge of DutchI am competent, dynamic and open-minded,ed hardy shirts with a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork, and rich experiences in post-sale and after-sale service. I sincerely hope to be all the way with the growth and development of your company! sports
where am i?
your best friend

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He’s not only the most versatilevaguely familiar to you player in the game, he’s one of the most versatile players to ever play. I look to Magic when I think of versatility. Like Magic, LeBron has the rebounding, the passing and the scoring to elevate his team.” — Bernard King
“There’s not much he can’t do.fill in the blanks There are other forwards that have shot the ball better. He’s a good shooter but not a great shooter. Sometimes he’s streaky but he can do so many other things that he can overcome that without a problem.“We’re talking about one of the very, very, very top players whoout of your control has ever lived.” — Jerry Lucas“You can play him at any position—forward, guard or center—and he’ll be outstanding and probably would make All-NBA at each one.” —a world in a grain of sand John Havlicek“His post-up game is probably better than most but it’s not the best part of his game because he doesn’t post up too much. Playing at the small forward position, I give him an A+ while I give his post-up game an A. He can play all five positions, coach and sell tickets.” — Dolph Schayes“He can dribble, he can pass, he can score. He probably could coach if they allowed him to.” — Rick Barry“He’s the most versatile player in the NBA. Hold infinityVersatile as far as his mind, his knowledge, his ability to do things on the defensive end, to defend different positions. He can play four, five positions in a game.” — Scottie Pippen
“He’s a hybrid type of player that can play multiple positions. He can basically do whatever he wants. Depending on who the Cavs are playing against, LeBron can even play a little center.” —Dominique Wilkins“You think of left, right, forward, back, up, down—he’s got the whole package. He’s a tenacious defender. He applies himself defensively, which is the biggest improvement in his game. A fierce shot blocker, who is not afraid to make the play and go for the steal.“Offensively, he dictates to the defense how he’s going to be played. They don’t dictate to him. He dictates how you’re going to play me on a given night.f I have all the pieces working—inside-outside and my passing game, I’m unstoppable. That’s LeBron.” — Julius Erving“He’s as versatile as it gets. He can play four out of the five spots—one, two, three, four. He probably could play five if he wanted to.“What he’s becoming is just a more athletic version of Magic.” — Kevin McHale
“I think we’re seeing more and more versatility of LeBron when I watch him. I love to watch him when he gets in the low post because I think he creates more problems for teams.“It just reminds me of coaching against Boston when [Larry] Bird was a perimeter player then all of a sudden he went to the low post. Now, what do you do? Do you double him? Do you let him go one on one? Because they’re such good passers and they make their teammates better. Whereas out on the open court, in a set offensive situation, you can take away something. You can force them to be a perimeter shooter or force them to the left, whatever it may be but when he gets to the low post with his quickness and size, either he’s bigger or he’s quicker or probably both whoever’s playing him and it just adds a great deal more pressure into the low post.” — Billy Cunningham